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Fabric Wrap Mattes
Silk, Suede, Linen or any fabric of your choice.

Hand Painted French Mattes
An old world tradition using watercolor pannels and accenting lines.

Deep Bevel Mattes
From 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch. Customized to any color, texture and can be done in any fabric.

Painted Accent Bevels
Custom color the bevel of your matte to accent your artwork.

Plexiglass Boxes
Can be made to any size, depth with or without beveled corners. Also available in UV plexiglass.

Shadow Box Frames
Used to frame any type of dimentional art or object.

Floater Frames for Canvas
Displays canvas from edge to edge with a 1/4 inch space between artwork and the frame.

Custom Painted Frames
Extends the artwork further out onto the frame or can apply any graphic concept to the frame.

Framed Objects
Display your 3D objects under plexiglass on a pedistal or stand.